Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sew it's February already...

I have had the amazing opportunity to take a few days at home (cough, cough, sneeze). Not quite ready to head back to the store, but I thought this would be a fabulous opportunity to write a new post. 

Not the glamorous way I would like to spend some time off in the new year, but it did get me out of snow removal activities over the past few days! 😄

It has given me time to hone my mad Disco Bees skills - disappointing 94th place finish last night! 

and spend way too much time trolling Facebook and Instagram.

While "no sew" sick is not fun. It is awesome to see what the Quiltie Ladies have all done! 

Susie whipped together this awesome quilt for Strip Club on Saturday. 

Lisa and Stephanie put together an amazing display of the new Bandana fabric from Me & My Sister Designs. 

Jen has been chopping up a storm of kits and strip sets.

Everyone is going their part helping customers and making the store look pretty.

Of course Diane is keeping those Statler Stitchers purring along finishing your quilts! 

...and Frank keeps unpacking those boxes full of awesome new fabric! 

Whew! All that work makes me tired! Maybe it's time for another nap! 

Stay bundled up, keep taking your vitamin C and we will see you soon!

Happy Quilting! Julie 


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