Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Patched Works 12 Weeks 0f Christmas – Week 8

Welcome to Week 8!   Can you believe we’re already to week 8?  Christmas is approaching a little too quickly for my taste!!

Block 8 I find to be ridiculously adorable.  I think it’s the rounded bottom on the tall cup that does it!     Pictured we have Diane, Lisa & Jen

8 Diane Large 8 Lisa Large  8 Jen large  

  I’m in love with everything Lisa has made.  Isn’t her Pitcher of Cream creative?

Mini Cup made by  Jen:

8 Jen small

Make sure to pick up the paper piecing worksheet while at Patched Works this week.  You can eliminate the extra seams on the steam.

This week we will also be featuring a placemat.  Forgive my crooked picture; rotating it wasn’t working out too well for me this morning!!  I plan on making 3 additional mats to use on my kitchen table.  It will kill me when they get spilled on…I joked yesterday about laminating them.  Then I thought of my Grandma who saved everything for “Good” or put clear vinyl over it.   “Good” never came and while she had many wonderful treasures at the end of her days it made me sad that SHE wasn’t the one who got to enjoy them.  So with that…I change my mind…let’s use them and let the spills happen! -Jen

8 Jen placemat

Stop in today to pick up your pattern or download a copy HERE.