Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Post Market Finds

So I had to sit this Quilt Market out. There will be other markets and there still is lots of fabric to be purchased!!! Buying fabric for you is so much fun. It is one of the BEST parts of my job.

My sales reps have been fantastic. They all have been rearranging there travel routes to see me with the latest goods. We did have the opportuniity to see many releases right before the big trade show in Salt Lake, so the selections so far have not been nearly as overwhelming.

What am I seeing in the trends so far? Well lots and lots of solids and textured solids. HMMM... we saw that coming :-) Our local, Kim Schaefer release 4 new Tic Tac colors with Andover, Jason Yenter from In the Beginning has some absolutely yummy contemporary styled tonals coming our way in September. These are great! Did you know we mark all of our reorderable tonals and solid with "BASIC" stickers? That way you know you can order more up front or you can expect us to likely restock the item.

I also have been seeing many neutral toned collections. Frank keeps telling me brown is not a color, but since I love brown, cream and gray, we have been carrying this style for some time. It reminds me of coffee! I love coffee!

Quite a bit of retro "ephemera" style prints. I love ephemera! This is my mom as the "Ephemera Queen".

FARMS - it seems that either all of the designers copy each other or all come to a like minded decision and come to market independently with the same concept at the same time. Lots of barns and farm animals and vegetables. Great for kitchen "kitsch", kids stuff and totes.

Reproductions continue to be strong throughout this anniversary of the Civil War. While we do not carry much (arguably any according to some) in this category, I am super excited to announce we will be launching the latest Bonnie Blue Cotton Club block of the month featuring Marcus fabrics this September!

The finished quilt measures 78" x 85". It is comprised of 45 - 5" squares set on point and framed with a beautiful border print. Details coming soon!

Tomorrow I see Stephanie from MODA. She should have all sorts of yummy things!

More updates as I see more cool stuff!

Happy quilting!


Friday, May 13, 2011

No Quilt Market for Julie

Tonight I should be in Salt Lake City at the Spring Quilt Market hob nobbing between manufacturer cocktail parties. Instead I am sitting in my pjs consuming as many clear liquids as possible. Now I am just battling a nasty sinus infection, no need for worry, however it could not have come at a more inconvenient time.

I knew I loved all things quilt market, but I had no clue that I was such a junkie! The buzz at Schoolhouse, the chaos of Sample Spree, the perfectly prepared booths on the trade show floor, the little give aways I get to bring home to you, the overwhelming inspiration and the networking. It is one of my favorite parts of the whole year!

With today's technology, there is quite a bit I can actually see even though I am sitting at home. I have been pouring over all the press releases overflowing my inbox and reading all the catalogs falling upon my doorstep. Still it is not the same without the hustle and bustle under the bright lights.

While we will have to cancel our in-store post market review on Wednesday, May 25th, I will do my best to share my finds along the way.

Keep that anti-bacterial lotion close by and have a great weekend!