Thursday, February 5, 2015


Recently we ordered a bright new shiny Aurifil cabinet for the store. If you have been following us on Facebook you might think we went a little ga-ga. 

It's *just* thread, right? 

You know, that is what I thought. 

Back in 2006, when we took over the shop, I was a Dual Duty girl. (Gasp!) I grew up on the stuff, like many of you. Why wasn't Dual Duty carried in the shop? I reluctantly experimented with the various offerings. I liked some, disliked others. At the end of the day, all threads can hold your seams together, but some thread performs better than others.

I soon caught the Aurifil bug. We have always proudly carried the brand, but the display has become a little old and dusty. 

No matter the display, here is some of what I learned.

Fast forward, at each passing Quilt Market, I visited the fancy new cabinets. 

Finally on a snowy January day, a giant semi pulled into our parking lot to drop off a pallet. We lovingly assembled and loaded out new Aurifil cabinet. 

We still need to upgrade our large spool 50 wt. fixture, but in the meantime, you can come in and hug, pet, or just shop the new fixture! 

Hugs and Quilts! 


  1. Aurifil is also WAAAAAAY less linty and has three times the length of thread on the big spools than mettler!