Thursday, October 30, 2014

MODA Modern Building Blocks - Week 5 - Heart Flying Geese

This is the third and final week for discussing Blocks 1, 12 and 18. 

Have you ever tried the "Heart Method" of making flying geese? 

In clubs, I always tell members to try as many techniques as possible to build your toolbox of skills. Then you can decide which method to use! 

The "Heart Method" is a hybrid in precision piecing for flying geese. 

You start with squares of the same measurement as required for original "PRECISION" instructions. 

Align 2 small squares diagonally on the big square right sides together. 

Use your Quick Quarter Ruler and Sewline Pencil to mark your stitch lines on the outside edge of the ruler. 

Pin and stitch. 

Cut apart and carefully press small pieces open. 

You now have 2 units. When they are pressed open, they resemble a "HEART" :-) 

Now position each of the remaining small squares diagonally on top of the "HEART" unit. 

Using your Quick Quarter Ruler and Sewline Pencil to again mark your stitch lines. 

Stitch both units, cut apart. 

Press the triangles out. Trim off the tails and VIOLA! You have 4 perfectly precision pieced flying geese measuring 3 1/2 x 6 1/2" (finishes 3" x 6"). 

SECRET: You are doing the same thing as if you precision pieced the units, you just didn't cut the bias until AFTER you sew. The stretch is much more subtle and you can whip these flying geese out to your heart's content. Get it - "heart's" content... ahahahaha. :-) 

Happy Quilting! Show us your blocks! 


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  1. I'm hoping to start these blocks soon, and your blog is the most helpful I've come across for them! Thanks so much for these wonderful tutorials; will you be posting more of them?