Friday, November 7, 2014

Loyal Union Sampler Block J-3 Tea Leaves

Tea Leaves is pieced per the directions on page 82 and template pattern on page 122.


J-3 Tea Leaves

J-3 Diane

Diane – Fall Blend, A Fabulous mix of Kim Schaefer Fabrics

Diane says:  I did turned under applique using cut out shapes from freezer paper.  I cut out fabric around freezer paper shapes 1/4” larger around the shape. Best Press

Using Best Press or your favorite starch, I moistened the fabric around the freezer paper and pressed the fabric onto the shape of freezer paper.  Remove the paper.  Press your background fabric according to directions.  Arrange your applique as directed.


I use a glue stick like Sewline and glue pieces down.  I only glue on the 1/4” turned under fabric.  Do your favorite applique stitch around each piece.  My favorite is a very small zig zag (but open) with monofilament thread.

Photo Nov 06, 9 24 36 PM

  1 line of applique stitching is all that is needed.  If you 1st start by going around the outside of the middle circle.  Then go to the outside ears – do both.  Move to the inside of the center circle doing only 1 curve.  Then back out to do the next set of ears and so on until you have completed all 4 sets of curves.

J-3 AllisonN

Julie: Elm Creek Quilts; The Giving Quilt This block was put together by PW Customer Allison N.

Allison N says: 1. Mark ¼” seam line at appliqué point that butts seam line. 2. Attach (iron) freezer paper pattern piece to Right side of leaf fabric. Needle turn edges under fabric. 3. Trim leaf to 3/8” as you work appliqué. Enjoy!


J-3 MariH

Julie: Elm Creek Quilts; The Giving Quilt This block was put together by PW Customer Mari H.

Mari H says: Copy the template on page 122 at 95% on a copy machine. This will make the pattern fit correctly. (Also, trace the pattern on 123 onto plastic to check placement.)

J-3 Lisa

Lisa – Lario by MODA

Lisa says:  I traced my pieces a little larger and turned under the edges.  I appliqued them down with a very narrow and elongated zig zag stitch matching my fabric.  You don’t even see it!

We encourage you to take pictures of your blocks and upload them to our Loyal Union Sampler Flickr Group. If technology isn’t your thing, bring your blocks into the shop and we’ll snap a picture of them and upload them on your behalf. 

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