Monday, January 27, 2014

Loyal Union Sampler Block A-9 Blockade

Block A-9 Blockade is pieced per the directions on page 19 and templates on page 106 OR Paper Pieced using the Supplemental Packet offered at Patched Works.
A-9 Blockade

A-9 Stephanie
Stephanie – Downton Abbey
Stephanie says:  I was very excited to make this block, because it's dramatic and still very simple to do. I used paper piecing on this block so that my points would be more precise than I could do by hand. The last block I chose to do was Antietam in very bold colors, so for this block I wanted to show the whimsical side of Downton Abbey's collection. These pastels contrast nicely and seem very 'calm' to me. Be very careful that you have a large enough piece of fabric for the background banding in the middle. I attempted to scrape by and ended a little bit short. Thankfully it was covered by joining the 4 blocks together.

A-9 DebiA
Julie: Elm Creek Quilts; The Giving Quilt
This block was put together by PW Customer Debi A.
Debi A says:  Be careful if you use a stripe or directional print. When you cut your squares in half diagonally twice, you will get two pairs of triangles with the stripe going different directions. You will need to cut two sets if you want to get all four triangles (B) with the stripes going the same way. Be sure to match centers when you sew triangle C to trapezoid A.

A-9 Julia
Julia – Eclectic Electricity
Julia says:  Don’t eat yellow snow. When piecing the two triangles together that make up the corners of the block, sew together the smaller triangles and then continue paper piecing. To make sure the seam of the triangles lines up perpendicularly to your background, take a crayon and roll it sideways on the paper over where the seam should be. This will outline where the seam actually lines up.
Jen says:  I asked Julia for clarification on her “sew together the smaller triangles and then continue paper piecing” tip.  As Julia is new to Paper Piecing she didn’t realize that you sew those two smaller triangles right onto the paper.  You’re actually following the numbers when it comes to attaching your pieces to each section.  Hopefully the rest of her blocks will come together much easier!!  I’m glad I asked! 

A-9 Leslie
Leslie – Midwinter Reds by MODA
Leslie says:  Join pieces in numerical order. Sew piece 1 to 2, then add 3, then 4. Join sections together per the picture. Press center seams open to keep it flat.

A-9 Lisa K
Additional block by Lisa K.

 Christin - Foxfield by Tula Pink

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