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Loyal Union Sampler Block A-1 Abel’s Favorite

Welcome!  Today we start off our adventure into Jennifer Chiaverini’s Loyal Union Sampler.  We will be tackling all 121 blocks, 10 each month.

On the Second Wednesday of each month you can stop into Patched Works and we will go over each of the blocks giving you enough tips and tricks to make a successful sampler. 

Demos will be at 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:00, 6:30, 7:00 & 7:30. 

If playing along in person at Patched Works we will have foundations already printed out with additional cutting information for the Paper Pieced blocks.  Supplementary Packets are $5 per month and packaged in a convenient page protector for you to clip right into a binder.  The handouts are not a mandatory purchase in order to participate but will turn making your blocks into a much more enjoyable and less time consuming experience.  If you did Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler with us, the handouts will be very similar except there will be 10 per month instead of 4.  With 121 blocks, there is only so much information that can be added into a book for publishing, our handouts bridge the gap between having to measure each piece for foundation piecing and having it right there ready for you to use.

There is not a fabric purchase requirement for this program, you MUST own a copy of Jennifer Chiaverini’s Loyal Union Sampler (We still have autographed copies available!) in order to play along.  We did put together many wonderful selections.  Each of the Quiltie Ladies playing along has chosen their own color combination.  These fabrics are available in our Twotsie Roll format of 20 fabrics in a generous 5” cut and Fat Quarter Stacks. 

If you are not local you can sign up to have them mailed to you each month for $5 + tax & $2.50 shipping.  Call Patched Works at 262-786-1523 to get started today!

I’m here to introduce Block 1 for each of our Patched Works Quiltie Ladies that will be playing along, their fabric selection and any tips they may have for this first block.

Abel’s Favorite is pieced per the directions on page 14.


A-1 Mary

Mary – William Morris Fabrics by MODA with Batik Backgrounds

Mary says: I’m very excited to be a part of another daily block challenge.  I’ve chosen a batik background to compliment the botanical feel of the prints, proving you can successfully mix batiks and regular cottons in the same quilt.

This first block, “Abel’s Favorite” was made with half square triangle units and flying geese. There are a number of ways to piece these units, but I did follow the instructions in the book. I found it’s more efficient to draw on ALL diagonal lines (as there are 10 of them) using a Quick Quarter ruler. Also, pay close attention in Step 5 to the sew ON the diagonal line, not ¼” away as you had on previous steps.

A-1 Julie QJulie Q – Scrumptious by MODA

Julie Q says:  Scrumptious is one of MODA's new fabric lines by designers Bonnie and Camille.  I chose Scrumptious because the colors pop and most importantly, they make me happy!  I absolutely love the bright colors and the combination of flowers and unique graphic elements.  When you look at the fabrics you might think they're retro, they do have a 1950's feel, but when you put them all together in a quilt and step back, you'll see how all the colors sing. The reds, pinks, teals, yellows and greens are bright and happy and, most importantly, they make me smile!

Julie Q Extra 2Like Mary, I used the quick quarter ruler to mark my sewing lines.  I actually made this block twice, one exactly as described in the pattern and a second block where I pressed all the seams open.  I like the look of the block with the seams all pressed open and it definitely lays flatter.  However, I had to be careful when sewing.  Using the Clover Fork pins to join the seams ensured accuracy in seaming.

The block on the left has seams ironed open, the block on the right has seams ironed to one side.The Block on the Left has seams ironed open, The block on the right has them ironed to the one side.

A-1 Leslie
Leslie – Midwinter Reds by MODA
Leslie says: Midwinter Reds is a wonderful collection of traditional reds and creams designed by Minnick and Simpson for MODA Fabrics.  I loved it from the first day that it came through Patched Works doors and was thinking that I needed some of it.  I was delighted to learn that Midwinter Reds was one of the collections chosen for the Loyal Union Sampler and immediately had my hand in the air, shouting ME,ME,ME!  The fabric designs work very well with the sampler blocks and are a pleasure to sew.

Be sure to follow pressing directions in step 3-C and 4-C so that seams will butt together exactly. In step 6, press seams open so that the block will be flat.

A-1 Julia
 Julia – Eclectic Electricity

Julia says:  My roll of fabric was inspired by the single piece of Aboriginal fabric on the outermost part of my roll. Those of you who know me or have encountered me at the shop are aware of my rather unique personality, which is (hopefully) reflected in the fabrics that make up Eclectic Electricity. I love jewel tones and modern fabrics but have a very great respect for the skill it takes to create more traditional blocks. So I combined them. As this is my first time doing anything like this please bear with me as you read my tips. Be forewarned, these tips may not always relate to fabric or sewing. Don’t eat soup that’s over 5 days old, don’t eat yellow snow, don’t poke the bear, and five yards of fabric is ALWAYS the right amount.  With this project I am truly learning as I go.

When pressing seams, press them towards the darker fabric out of what you’re using, not just what the book says. Your seam ripper is your friend. Keep in mind that you’re only making one of each block, so push yourself to do the best you can.

A-1 DianeDiane – Fall Blend, A Fabulous mix of Kim Schaefer Fabrics

Diane says:  I chose to use Kim Schaefer fabrics because I really enjoy her artwork and fabrics. 

There are so many marking pencils on the market today, make sure to test them out before settling on YOUR favorite.  Your favorite for marking half square triangle sewing lines may be vastly different from what you would use to mark a quilt for quilting.

A-1 Jen

Jen – “Sparkler” Fat Stack, a beautiful blend of Purple, Blue and Green Kona Solids

Jen says:  After finishing a Blue & Yellow Floral Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler and a Bright Batik Tula Pink Sampler, I chose a more modern approach when picking out this batch of fabrics. I fell in love with the color palette that Freshly Pieced used for her Sparkler Quilt and just could not get it out of my head. So, for these blocks I will be using a white background with Purple, green and blue solids.  Using solids is a bit of a stretch for me, I like my fabrics to have a little something going on.  It’s good to challenge ones self to use fabrics you don’t typically use.

For this block, I’ll admit I didn’t follow the directions. I used half square triangle paper and made my flying geese using connectors.  While we’re at it, I used connectors on my center square as well. That’s the great thing about quilting, there’s at least 50 different ways to do each technique and there’s nothing wrong with sticking with the techniques that you know and love.

A-1 Stephanie Stephanie – Downton Abbey     

Stephanie says: This is my first time sewing a sampler together, so it's very exciting and a bit intimidating.  I've chosen to use fabrics from the Downton Abbey collection by Andover Fabrics.  It's a great variety of colors and prints to play around with, and it doesn't hurt that it's so pretty!   I'm using a Robert Kaufman Chambray in 'Natural' for my background that will blend well with the different prints in the Abbey collection.  We also have this really awesome linen blend at the shop that would be brilliant to pair with this collection. (“brilliant” – British – har, har)

I pieced my first block according to the directions in the book and will probably use paper piecing if I ever needed to create this block in mass quantities.  I've only got a few tips to share for this block. Have either a zip lock bag or even some small bowls with letters on them to keep your pieces in order. Watch Step #5 if you're not paper piecing.  You change from Sewing on 1/4" outside the line to sewing on the line!

A-1 Julie K Julie: Elm Creek Quilts; The Giving Quilt

Julie says:  I wanted to use The Giving Quilt fabric line by Red Rooster from the moment I first ordered it.  We kicked off a teaser of this program at Quilt Expo with the assistance of our amazing customers.

The fabric originally used in the book is from Anneke’s Collection, a previous Chiaverini line. Since we were unable to secure more yardage from that line, we chose her then current line, which also showcases her range of design into holiday prints. We will be receiving her latest line, Sarah’s Collection later this month.

Thanks to all of you, “I” am much further along than any other staff contributor.

This version of the quilt is going to be given away in January 2015 through a drawing to one of those amazing customers that helped us stitch up blocks in just a few days for our booth and book signing event!

My tip for this block would be that I always iron my seams open.  I love how flat blocks lay and it’s fantastic for quilting. 

A-1 Lisa Lisa – Lario by MODA
Lisa says:  I chose to use the Lario collection from Moda and others similar in value because I wanted to work with a color palette that I haven't used in a long time. I wanted the challenge of trying to get interesting blocks with a lower contrast. Well and the colors have me thinking of Spring.

I found that since the blocks are small, if you increase the size of your pieces by a little bit before you piece the triangles together, you have room to square the triangles up using the June Tailor Perfect Half an Quarter Square triangle ruler, making the actual piecing of the blocks easier and more precise.

Christin - Foxfield by Tula Pink

A-1 Lisa KAdditional Block by Lisa K.

We encourage you to take pictures of your blocks and upload them to our Loyal Union Sampler Flickr Group. If technology isn’t your thing, bring your blocks into the shop and we’ll snap a picture of them and upload them on your behalf. 

You can also keep up with our progress in many places: here on our Patched Works Fabric Jules Blog,  by Following us on Facebook or on Instagram (#patchedworks & #loyalunionsampler)

It’s never too late to join the fun.  Stop in the shop to find out more about how to get started. 

It’s always a party at Patched Works!

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