Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Patched Works 12 Weeks of Christmas – Week 3

We’re continuing on today with our “In From the Cold” coffee cups.   Cup #3 in fact.  Pictured are cups from Diane, Lisa & Jen

  diane cup 3 lisa cup 3  jen cup 3b 

Diane’s tip is that you don’t have to make the mugs as pictured.  Her mug body is cut the same as Lisa’s just pieced in a different order. 

This week we are continuing with the Mini Mugs as well.  These are an adorable 5” X 7” size.   We will have patterns available in the shop for both Mini Mug #1, #2 & #3.

Mini Mug #3 – Pictured Lisa & Jen

lisa cup 3 mini jen cup 3

Also this week we will have a handout that will take the HST section from Week #3 and turn it into paper piecing to reduce the bulk.  This is offered for both size mugs. 

Since it is a 1st Wednesday we also are featuring the free Designer Sampler Block of the Month.  Make sure to pick that up as well!

The most exciting thing today is that it’s the award ceremony for our Tula Pink 100 Blocks of Summer.  We will have many customer quilts hanging throughout the store and we will also hold up additional ones for show and tell.  There has been a slight delay on the 100 Blocks of Summer Pins but we will hand those out as soon as they are in (Please note we will NOT be shipping these).  The T-shirts and Quilt Labels are here and will be handed out.

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