Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Welcome Back!

#16 in the Ladies Series "Julie"It’s the 37th day of 2012! I sent out the last of my holiday gifts today, finished my year-end bookkeeping last night and washed a load of laundry. I am now ready to begin my New Year’s Resolutions!
New Year’s Resolution #1 –Post a profile picture to my blog! J
So tonight, I did it! I grabbed a pic of the REAL “FabricJules”.

Last year, talented quilter, designer and blogger mamaCJT(Carol) immortalized me in fabric as number 16 in her series. Check out her blog to see all 20 girls in her 2011 Ladies Series. I keep the real “FabricJules” in the classroom at Patched Works. She makes me smile.
She has designed a line of contemporary quilt patterns we carry at the store. We are fortunate to showcase many of the samples.
Carol inspires me every time she visits the shop. I don’t think she ever sleeps. Whenever I need a little pick me up, I read her blog or browse her Flickr site. Last year she suggested we carry more solid fabrics. Done – we now carry the full 200+ color palette. How about a KONA club? We just kicked off the first quarterly meeting last week. Are we going to carry Malka Dubrawsky’s Stitch in Color? We weren’t – but we did… in less than a month the fabric is almost gone!

Thank you Carol for your constant inspiration!


  1. Julie, I am sitting here blushing! You are too kind!! Julie, thank you! I have never had as much fun, nor spent as much $$. Again, thank you for that too!!! LOL I LOVE the Kona's and Malka's fabrics! I'm sure glad I got some when I did!!!

  2. @Carol :-) You are too fun! Keep up all the fantastic work!